How To get Free Gems And Gold On Monster legends (2023 Guide)

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How To get Free Gems And Gold On Monster legends: Monster Legends, the popular mobile game that combines strategy, role-playing, and creature collection, has captivated gamers worldwide with its engaging gameplay and intricate monsters. At the heart of this virtual universe lie two essential resources – Gems and Gold.

These resources play a vital role in advancing your monsters, constructing habitats, and enhancing your gaming experience. In this article, we will explore the importance of Gems and Gold, their pricing within the game, and provide you with ten proven methods to acquire these valuable resources for free. We’ll also delve into some additional tricks to help you excel in Monster Legends.

The Importance of Gems and Gold in Monster Legends

Gems and Gold serve as the lifeblood of your journey in Monster Legends. These resources enable you to expand your monster collection, upgrade habitats, speed up breeding and hatching processes, purchase valuable items, and participate in exciting events. From speeding up monster evolution to acquiring rare monsters, Gems and Gold are essential for progression and success in the game. Without an adequate supply of these resources, you might find yourself lagging behind in the competitive landscape of Monster Legends.

Pricing of Gems and Gold in Monster Legends

As of 2023, Monster Legends offers various purchase options for acquiring Gems and Gold through in-app purchases. Each purchase provides a specific quantity of these resources, allowing you to enhance your monster-taming journey. Here’s a glimpse into the pricing:


  • 25 Gems: $1.99
  • 145 Gems: $9.99
  • 320 Gems: $19.99
  • 875 Gems: $49.99
  • 2150 Gems: $99.99


  • 50,000 Gold: $1.99
  • 300,000 Gold: $9.99
  • 800,000 Gold: $19.99
  • 2,200,000 Gold: $49.99
  • 5,500,000 Gold: $99.99

Please note that these prices are subject to change based on promotions and regional variations.

10 Methods to Get Free Gems and Gold in Monster Legends

Let’s unravel the ingenious strategies to amass free Gems and Gold and enhance your monster-taming prowess:

Daily Login Rewards

Log in to Monster Legends daily to claim your login rewards. Often, these rewards include free Gems and Gold as tokens of appreciation for your dedication to the game.

Complete Achievements

Embark on a quest to complete in-game achievements and milestones. Successful completion often leads to generous rewards, including free Gems and Gold.

Participate in Events

Engage actively in special events and time-limited challenges. These events offer opportunities to earn free Gems and Gold through your participation and achievements.

Watch Video Ads

Seize the chance to watch short video ads within the game. In exchange for a brief moment of your time, you’ll be rewarded with free Gems and Gold, enriching your monster-taming experience.

Battle and PvP Victories

Triumph in battles and PvP (Player vs. Player) arenas to earn free Gems and Gold. Your strategic prowess in battles can lead to valuable resource rewards.

Progress Through Adventure Map

Advance through the Adventure Map by completing levels and challenges. As you conquer new territories, you may be rewarded with free Gems and Gold.

Social Gifting

Connect with friends and fellow players through social media platforms. Engage in gifting and receiving resources, including Gems and Gold, to support each other’s journeys.

League and Arena Rewards

Participate in leagues and arenas to climb the ranks and earn rewards. Successful participation often grants you free Gems and Gold based on your performance.

Breeding and Hatching

Smart breeding and hatching strategies can yield rare monsters, which can be sold for Gold. Utilize these opportunities to earn Gold and enhance your resources.

In-Game Quests

Engage with various in-game quests and challenges offered by Monster Legends. Completing these quests not only provides a sense of accomplishment but also grants you free Gems and Gold.

What Are Monster legends Hack, Monster legends Cheats And Monster legends Gems And Gold Generator?

Monster legends hacks, Monster legends cheats, and Monster legends Gems And Gold generators are third-party apps or websites that claim to give you an unfair advantage in the game. They often promise to give you unlimited Gems And Gold, resources, or other items for free.

However, these apps and websites are often scams. They may contain malware that can infect your device, or they may simply not work. Even if they do work, they can get you banned from Monster legends.

It is important to remember that Monster legends is a free-to-play game. You can progress through the game without spending any money. There are a few ways to get free Gems And Gold in Monster legends, such as completing achievements, finding gem boxes, and participating in Clan Games.

If you are looking for a way to get ahead in Monster legends, there are a few legitimate ways to do so. You can join a good clan, watch tutorial videos, and practice your skills. However, there is no need to use hacks, cheats, or Gems And Gold generators.

Here are some of the risks of using Monster legends hacks, cheats, and Gems And Gold generators:

Your account could be banned

Supercell, the developer of Monster legends, takes cheating very seriously. If you are caught using hacks, cheats, or Gems And Gold generators, your account could be banned.

Your device could be infected with malware

Some third-party websites and apps that offer free Gems And Gold may contain malware that can infect your device. This malware could steal your personal information or damage your device.

You could get scammed

Some third-party websites and apps may simply not work, or they may even charge you money for Gems And Gold that you never receive.

It is simply not worth the risk to use Monster legends hacks, cheats, or Gems And Gold generators. There are plenty of legitimate ways to progress through the game without resorting to cheating.

Additional Tricks to Excel in Monster Legends

Strategic Breeding: Experiment with different monster combinations to discover rare hybrids. Breeding unique monsters can give you an edge in battles and unlock new opportunities for earning rewards.

Resource Management: Prioritize your spending on upgrading habitats and evolving monsters. Efficient resource management will ensure steady progress without depleting your reserves.

Team Synergy: Construct a balanced team of monsters that complement each other’s abilities. Synergistic teams can dominate battles and events, earning you more rewards.

Participate in Events: Regularly participate in events to earn exclusive monsters, items, and valuable resources. Events often provide a substantial boost to your Gems and Gold collection.

Join a Active Team: Join an active team or create one with friends. Team-based activities yield significant rewards and foster a sense of community within the game.

Stay Informed: Keep yourself updated about the game’s updates, events, and strategies by joining Monster Legends forums or following official social media channels.

Patience is Key: While the allure of instant progress might be strong, exercise patience. Accumulate resources over time through various methods to ensure consistent growth.

Utilize Monster Lab: The Monster Lab allows you to craft and upgrade runes, enhancing your monsters’ abilities. Invest in your Monster Lab to gain a competitive advantage.

Experiment with Skills: Experiment with different skill combinations for your monsters. Adapting your skills to different battles and opponents can turn the tide in your favor.

Friendly Battles: Engage in friendly battles with your team members to practice strategies, test new monsters, and refine your tactics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Gems and Gold essential in Monster Legends?

Absolutely, Gems and Gold are vital for progressing in the game, evolving monsters, constructing habitats, and participating in events.

What are the prices of Gems and Gold through in-app purchases?

Prices vary based on the quantity of Gems or Gold you wish to purchase, with larger bundles often offering better value.

Can I earn Gems and Gold without spending money?

Yes, the game offers numerous methods to acquire Gems and Gold for free, as outlined in this article.

How often do events and missions take place?

Events and missions occur regularly, offering players frequent opportunities to earn rewards.

What’s the best way to spend Gems in Monster Legends?

Invest Gems in tasks that accelerate your progress, such as breeding and hatching monsters, rather than rushing buildings.

How do league battles work?

League battles involve competing against other players' teams to earn league points and climb the ranks. Rewards, including Gems and Gold, increase with higher ranks.

Can I transfer Gems and Gold between players?

No, Gems and Gold cannot be directly transferred between players.

Are there any risks to watching in-game advertisements for rewards?

No, watching advertisements for rewards is a safe and legitimate way to earn Gems in Monster Legends.

What’s the benefit of joining a team?

Being part of a team grants access to team-based activities, rewards, and a supportive community of fellow players.

How do I ensure my progress is not lost in Monster Legends?

Link your game progress to a social media account or a platform like Google Play Games to safeguard your progress.


In the captivating world of Monster Legends free Gems and Gold are your keys to success and progression. While the option to purchase these resources through in-app transactions exists, the game provides numerous opportunities to acquire Gems and Gold for free.

By following the methods outlined in this guide and incorporating the additional tricks to excel, you can enhance your Monster Legends experience without emptying your wallet. Remember, strategic gameplay, resource management, and active participation in events will set you on the path to becoming a Monster Legends champion.

Embrace the challenges, harness the power of your monsters, and embark on a journey filled with excitement, camaraderie, and triumph. For More Game Guides Please Visit Homepage.

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