Preserving Sustainability

A recycling facility to rapidly process organic waste with low odor and emissions 


ORGANIC WASTE IS a third OF U.S. landfills

Food waste is the single largest portion of the waste stream going to landfills (even larger than plastic). It also has the lowest recycling rate.

Existing landfill alternatives like aerobic composting and biogas digestion haven't been successfully scaled up to handle the quantities necessary to make an impact.

This is at odds with the growing organics recycling mandates in cities like New York, creating demand for efficient solutions that can plug in to the existing waste management infrastructure. 


our Method is focused on Consistently processing large volumes of organic waste in a short time


About Us

Amanda WEEKS

10 years in business launching and growing internal departments, working with companies like Pfizer, Unilever, and Marvel. Introduced global product manufacturing compliance programs at Marvel; started data analytics departments at two marketing agencies. Grew up next to Fresh Kills; NYC’s main landfill and the largest in the world until it closed in 2001.

Brett Van Aalsburg

Maker and builder with a background in metal fabrication, industrial design, and science education. His work spans 10 years in venues ranging from The Guggenheim to California’s Redwood Forests. Experience with precision manufacturing techniques; CNC Routing, Plasma Cutting, Water Jet Cutting, Laser Cutting, and 3D Printing.